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February 9, 2016

Boarding & Pasture Liens On Horses and Other Animals in Missouri

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Do liens attach to horses and animals when the pasture rent or boarding bill goes unpaid?  Yes, in Missouri.

Missouri’s section 430.150 lays it out–“Every person who shall keep, board, or train any horse, mule or other animal, shall, for the amount due therefor, have a lien on such animal, and on any vehicle, harness, or equipment coming into his possession therewith, and no owner or claimant shall have the right to take any such property out of the custody of the person having such lien, except with his consent or on the payment of such debt . . . .”

At least one Missouri case holds the “agister’s lien” granted by section 430.150 “squarely gives the lien” upon cattle pastured at $x per head per month.  Crouch v. Brookshire, 330 S.W.2d 592 (Mo. Ct. App. WD 1959).

See too Missouri’s 430.160, RSMo, for the procedure to enforce the lien, requiring the lien holder to sue in court to prove the amount owed and establish upon what property his lien attached in order to obtain a court order that the property be sold to satisfy the lien.

And note section 430.030, RSMo, granting a lien  to persons who furnish “labor or material on any horse, mule or other animal” upon written order therefor signed by the owner of the animal.  This law protects farriers, vets, and the like from non-payment for their goods and services, provided they have a signed order.

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