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Open dialogue by phone or in person serves better than e-mail to discuss legal questions, so please call me at 816.781.6000. 

That said, you may contact electronically by leaving comment on the Welcome post that loads first on the Blog Posts page.  This comment method is much the same as the e-mail “contact us” form on other websites.  Be sure to first read the Important Note on the Welcome post.

Too, I welcome your comments on Blog Posts.  If your comment does not relate to a particular post, please read the Welcome blog post and its Important Note to leave comment there.  I check the blog nearly every day and promptly manage any comments.

No separate e-mail contact form widget is included on this page in order to reduce the risk of opening a hacker’s disguised e-mail which toasts our computer system and possibly this web site/blog.  

Thank you for your consideration.

Kurt H. King
Law Office of Kurt H. King
20 E. Franklin
Liberty, Clay County, Missouri 64068

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