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Office Entrance

Office Entrance

Experienced Counsel–on the Historic Square

20 E. Franklin, Liberty, Clay County, MO 64068


Major Practice Areas:

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims and Injuries
  • Family Law–Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, Divorce & Modification, Paternity
  • Personal Injury–Automobile Accidents, Slip & Falls, Unsafe Premises, Medical Malpractice, Nuisance, Conversion of Property, Product Liability
  • Business Litigation–Tortious Interference with Contract/Business Relations, Fraud, Breach of Contract
  • Real Estate–boundary line disputes, adverse possession issues, misrepresentation by sellers, drafting of deeds and contracts for sale
  • Employment Law–termination, retaliation, discrimination
  • Privacy–HIPAA violations/breaches, pharmaceutical representative termination/retaliation, AAA arbitration
  • Estate Planning–drafting of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Trusts
  • Probate–Refusal of Letters, Small Estates, independent and supervised Probate cases
  • Guardians & Conservators–applications for appointment of guardians and conservators for adults and minors, preparation of annual financial reports


  • Over 30 years practicing law on cases–simple or complex, involving substantial damages or liability
  • Prepared well in advance to advocate for the best outcome possible in court or arbitration

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Law Office of Kurt H. King
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