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Kurt King

Major litigation representation including:

  • defense of the KCI/MCI airport and Independence School District asbestos removal cases;
  • asserting claims against national accounting firm for malpractice in failing to detect embezzlement;
  • represented family defrauded out of Corporate Woods real estate holdings in Johnson County, Kansas;
  • protracted litigation including extensive appeal defending against tortious interference and conspiracy and other claims in Wigley v. Capital Bank of Southwest Missouri , 887 S.W.2d 715 (Mo. Ct. App. S.D. 1994);
  • represented homeowners on nuisance claims against gun club for ricochets and stray bullets from outdoor shooting range;
  • extensive litigation in state and federal trial courts and opposing petitions for writs in appellate courts on behalf of former husband against his ex-wife and new man on claims of unlawful taking and concealment (a/k/a, conversion) of husband’s construction equipment, awarded $100,000 punitive damages as well as actual damages;
  • awarded punitive damages against realtor for failure to disclose known house defects;
  • represented biogen/pharma sales representatives on claims of wrongful termination and retaliation due to their refusal to violate HIPAA privacy law (with substantial research regarding “marketing of the spread”);
  • defense of race discrimination claims;
  • defense of retaliation claims by discharged employee alleging he was paid less than minimum wage.

Have also tried other cases, including divorce cases involving stocks and stock options, pensions, and other property; child custody disputes in divorce, paternity, and guardianship litigation; boundary line and adverse possession cases, and other matters.

Having represented both persons and companies making these claims, as well as having been on the defense side, gives insight as to how to reach a favorable result.

Over 30 years of practicing law in Missouri, mostly in Clay, Jackson, or Platte Counties, or federal bankruptcy court, built a base of experience with which to advise clients.

Clay County Courthouse

Clay County Courthouse

Kurt H. King
Law Office of Kurt H. King
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