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February 25, 2013

Using A QDRO To Collect Back-due Child Support Or Maintenance Under Missouri Law

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Missouri case law acknowledges the right of a former spouse to apply to the court for a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to collect past-due child support or maintenance.  See the Eastern District’s decision in Baird v. Baird, 843 S.W.2d 388 (1992), which without much ado simply recognizes that the federal ERISA authorizes such division of retirement accounts by QDRO in connection with child support and maintenance.  That court rejected the notion that allowing the use of a QDRO to collect a child support arrearage improperly redivides the marital property.

Collection of child support or maintenance by QDRO would seem to work best if the retirement asset is a 401(k) or equivalent from which a lump sum distribution may be made to pay off the child support or maintenance arrears.  If the retirement asset is a pension that pays “x” dollars of benefits each month after retirement, a lump sum distribution may not be possible and thus collection may not begin for years and have to run for many months or even years before the arrears is fully collected.

But in the right situation, an application for a QDRO may be the perfect tool to collect child support or maintenance.


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November 10, 2011

Divorce and Ford Motor Company QDRO’s in Missouri

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Ford’s National Employee Services Center mailing address is now:

PO Box 199721, Dallas, TX 75219-9721

Phone:  800.248.4444

Pension, TESPHE, QDRO, and other information may be obtained from the Center.


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