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January 5, 2011

Child Support and College

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Many divorced folks wonder what their child support obligation is for children in college or other post-high school education/training. There are many facets to this question but let me point out some of the main points:

1. Missouri law changed from 22 to 21 as the age up to which support is required (exceptions for non-self supporting children with special needs);
2. Parent paying child support can ask court for permission to pay support directly to the child so attending;
3. Child generally has to provide enrollment and grade information and take sufficient number of hours (be full-time, basically) or else child support obligation may be terminated;
4. Some judges expect child to pay for some of college/post H.S. education expense by student loan, work, other;
5. Some judges look at parent incomes and other factors and may not require student to pay for part of such costs;
6. In Missouri, such college/post-high school education costs are generally capped at what tuition, books, meals, and housing would cost on a plan for a regular year at the University of Missouri–not what a more expensive private or Ivy League school costs;
7. I believe most judges consider if the child commutes from home to the school, spends the summers and school breaks at home, etc., to determine how much support should continue to be paid to the home parent of the child. For example, if the child is home 4 months a year and in school dorm the other 8, then judge may consider having the total of 4 months of support, divided by 12 so that the paying parent pays a part each month of the year, continue on being paid to the home parent, so to speak.

These are some basic factors and there are usually more to be considered. What is fair for one situation may not be for another, so check it out–especially given the amount of money involved.

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