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January 5, 2011

Changing Child Custody or Support by Agreement in Missouri–Get a Court Order!

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What if father pays child support and mother brings the children to him and says, “you take care of them–and I don’t want any child support?” What happens if the father stops sending in his child support to the Family Support Payment Center? And, what if mother changes mind 7 months later and takes children back?

The father in this example needs to file to get a court order immediately based on a stipulation/agreement with mother, or otherwise if she won’t sign a stipulation, changing custody and terminating his child support obligation.

If he fails to do so, his child support obligation does NOT stop, he builds up a child support non-payment arrearage, and he lacks the court order to prove that he now has the primary/home/residential custody rights to the children. That let’s the mother in this example walk back in and take the chilren–even claim the back due child support that accrued while the father had the children (she may or may not win on the back support but she puts father out to hire an lawyer and try to get court order that he does not owe the back support).

This happens time and again, often to folks who cannot afford to make a mistake and cannot repay back child support.

Get A Court Order or Beware.

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